About ClaimThisWay

What is ClaimThisWay?
ClaimThisWay (claimthisway.ga) is a Bitcoin faucet, where users can join and claim free Bitcoin every 5 minutes. After the required withdraw limit is reached, they can  withdraw the withdraw amount into their FaucetHub account.

How do I use the faucet?
To enter the faucet you will need to have a Bitcoin address, which is linked to your FaucetHub account (If you don't have an FaucetHub account click this link to register for one). After entering the faucet with your Bitcoin address, your journey begins! Continue claiming untill the withdraw limit is reached. Then you can withdraw your earned satoshis into your FaucetHub account.

What is the withdraw limit?
The withdraw limit is 50000 satoshis.
We have decreased the withdraw limit to 35000 satoshi.

To where my paymenet is sent?
Your payment is sent to your FaucetHub account, which is your Bitcoin address is linked to.

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